Canoes and Rafting

Get the Most Out of Your Vacation with Canoes and Rafting

If you are fan of the outdoor life, it is highly likely you have tried out canoeing(kano) or rafting. The two sports involve water play and the beauty of it is that you exercise both body and mind. Whether you are trying out at the tough Delaware River or you want a calmer experience in Northern Maine, canoes, kayaks(kajakk) and rafting will always give you the thrill.

Overview of Canoes and Rafting

While canoeing and rafting are always mentioned in the same breath, they are quite different sports. Canoeing can be a single person or a team sport, which is ideal for family vacations. Your family can rent an expedition canoe and have fun maneuvering down an iconic river. The narrower the canoe the faster it is though you will have to struggle more to keep your balance.

You can choose a canoe/tørrdrakter depending on the activity you want to participate in. Common options include racing canoes, expedition tripping canoe, wild tripping canoes among others.

Rafts are inflatable and they have become ubiquitous at vacation destinations. They are ideal as a family activity especially if you have a guide with you. There are motor rafts, oar rafts and all-paddle crafts to choose from.

Choosing a Canoes and Rafting Destination

Before leaving home, always ensure you have selected the perfect destination to enjoy. Canoes and rafting experts go for a combination of rivers to maximize the fun. Every river is unique and when you have several to try out in, a large Northern Forest canoe Trail in New England allows your family to sample different courses. With every river comes unique challenges and this is the beauty of the sport after all.

Before you start your vacation, look for hotels near your canoeing destination and check whether they offer any discounts or special packages. Most of them will use the destination to market themselves and you might get a good bargain on the watercraft and gear.

Top Canoes and Rafting Destinations

There are thousands of canoeing and rafting destinations, but some stand out in every review. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is highly rated among vacationers while Prince William Sound in Alaska is cited for its beauty. Others include Ocala National Forest in Florida, Indian River Canoe trail in Michigan, Tyger River canoe trail in South Carolina to mention a few.

Now that you have some insight on canoes and rafting, why not go out and get some fun. Not only will you be toning your body, but you will also have a chance to connect with nature.